Poly-Tec C30-36/1220

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the allround talent - sailplanes up to 2mtr. wingspan, funflyer with 1,3mtr. wingspan

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Poly-Tec C30-36 1220 U/min/V 1,6kg. thrust up to 550W
the allround talent - sailplanes up to 2mtr. wingspan, funflyer with 1,3mtr. wingspan
With a no-load speed of 1220 rev / min / V it is very well adapted to 2S or 3S LiPo. It is perfect for driving sailplanes to about 2m wingspan and fun-flyers to about 1.3 m wingspan and 1.3 kg takeoff weight. The C30-36 1220 U / min / V generates up to 1.6 kg of thrust and 550 watts.
The C30-36 is very much used in fun-flyers like the Funtana or Acromaster, in conjunction with the APC Electric 11x5,5. His speed is perfect in connection with 3S LiPo. Due to the high static thrust torquing is not a problem.

The C30-36 is a brushless motor for a variety of models:
- Power models up to about 1.5 m wingspan
- Gliders up to about 2.0m wingspan
- FunFlyer 1,3m wingspan

Examples for models
3S LiPo with folding prop 10 x 7 or APC 11 x 5,5:

Acromaster, Funtana, Diablotin Micro, Easy Glider Pro, Solius

2S LiPo and folding prop 11 x 10
Multiplex Easy Glider Pro, Solius, Robbe Arcus, Graupner Elektro Junior S, etc.
The engine is available as finished unit with soldered gold connectors and sockets supplied for the controller.
Technical data
Dimension: Ø 35 mm x 36 mm
Weight: 104 g
Idle speed: 1220 U/min/V
Voltage: 7,4-11,1 V / 2-3 LiPos
Current: 12 -40A
for a short time 55A
shaft diameter: Ø 4,0 mm
Propeller /  Number of cells (diameter in inches)
3S1P 13 x 8 (38A), 14 x 8 (42A)
2S1P 11x7 (42A), 12x8 (51A)
NiCd / NiMh  
10 Cells  13x8 (40A), 14x8 (44A)
12 Cells 11x7 (44A), 12x8 (55A)





Propeller etc.
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