Futterboot Fishing People Baiting 2500 V2 Akku LiFePo 6,4V 12000mAh

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Technical specifications
Length: 600mm
Width: 315mm
Height: 230mm
· Weight: 3600 g (unloaded)
Battery: LiFePo 6.4V 15600mAh
· Journey time: max. 2 hours
· Speed: max. 3 m/s
· RC system: 2.4 GHz; 10mW
· Range (radius): approx. 500m
· Load: max. 2500g dry bait
· Material transport bag: 100% nylon

RC functions
· Forward backward
· Steering
· Open the feed flap
GPS (autopilot/come home/fishing spot positioning)

The Baiting 2500 was made by the Fishing People for the hobby fisherman who is looking for a compact and powerful bait boat at a reasonable price. The hopper has 2500g bait capacity, the boat offers the possibility to tow the fishing line accordingly and place the hook in a targeted manner. Built to last, it has a sturdy hull with position lighting via colored LED strips and a large center carry handle.

Bait funnel
The Baiting 2500 has a large hopper in the middle of the boat that can hold around 2500g of dry bait. There is a notch in the flap that allows you to tow your fishing line at the same time. Press the release button on the transmitter and the flap will open, releasing the line and bait at the same time.

Magnetic fishhook line release
You can attach the included magnetic pothooks to your fishing line and troll them. With a gentle tug on the fishing line, you can separate the magnet to position the hook exactly where you want it. You can also drag the line to a desired point, stop the boat, and release the hook with a gentle pull when the fish takes the bait. This gives you the advantage of being able to change your fishing spot freely.

Use at night
The Baiting 2500 is equipped with front and rear LED lights for nighttime operation. They are embedded in the top of the boat to avoid shining directly onto the water. Nevertheless, they highlight possible obstacles. The front LEDs are blue, the rear LEDs are red so you can always see which way the boat is pointing. There is an LED switch with which you can switch off the LEDs during the day.
Long driving time and exchangeable, rechargeable driving battery
The supplied battery is capable of driving times of up to 2 hours. This corresponds to the use of the boat, e.g. being able to drive back and forth 50x 50m each. If that's not enough, there's an easily accessible battery cover that lets you swap out the battery for a new one in no time. The 230V charger is easy to use and included in the set.

Robust carry case
We've included a very sturdy light green carrying case with two strong nylon handles for easy portability. It not only offers space for the boat, but also for the transmitter, the batteries and spare parts.

low voltage warning
The LED lights are designed to flash when the boat battery is low (even if the LEDs are disabled). The remaining travel time is then approx. 10 minutes.

Quiet drive system
The brushless motors and the propeller are optimized in such a way that the noise level is as low as possible in order to disturb the fish as little as possible. Each propeller is surrounded by a large guard to prevent ingestion of grass or other debris that could interfere with the propellers.

Easy maintenance
The Baiting 2500 was developed with modular construction in mind. This allows you to easily maintain your boat and replace parts yourself.

Included in delivery
    · Baiting 2500 GPS bait boat
    · 2.4GHz transmitter
    · LiFePo boat battery
    · AC 230V battery charger
    · Magnetic Fishing Hook Set
    · Allen key
    · Carry bag
    · Velcro

Required accessories
    · 4x 'AA' alkaline batteries for the transmitter