Freewing Mirage 2000C Tiger meet EPO 790mm KIT+ V2

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Wichtige Information:
KIT+: Modell mit Servos, ggf. Fahrwerk/Landeklappen aber OHNE Antrieb.
PNP: Modell mit Servos, ggf. Fahrwerk/Landeklappen MIT Antrieb.
PNP Deluxe Edition: Wie PNP jedoch mit stärkerem Innenläufer Motor.

    9 Blade factory balanced EDF with metal housing combined with 3530-1900KV brushless outrunner motor produces realistic jet turbine sound and an incredible 6 lbs of thrust (not included)
    Composite fan blades combined with metal EDF housing make the Mirage 2000 AMA compliant (the fan blades themselves are NOT metal, so there are no flying restrictions) (not included)
    Super scale details include hand painted, scale-sized pilots, full instrument panel, refueling probe, scale drop tanks, airfoil panel lines, and complete French Air Force graphics package
    100 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 5A BEC (not included)
    Electronic retractable landing gear with all metal shock-absorbing struts (not included)
    Steerable, shock absorbing nose gear for enhanced ground maneuverability
    Spring operated nose gear door
    Carbon spars and EPO foam construction provide the perfect balance between strength and flexibility
    Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
    Removable magnetic nose cone, and removable wings and vertical stabilizer for convenient transport

The Dassault Mirage 2000 is a French multirole, single-engine fourth-generation jet fighter manufactured by Dassault Aviation. It was designed in the late 1970s as a lightweight fighter based on the Mirage III for the French Air Force (Arme de l'Air). The Mirage 2000 evolved into a multirole aircraft with several variants developed, with sales to a number of nations. The variants include the Mirage 2000N and 2000D strike variants, the improved Mirage 2000-5 and several export variants. Over 600 aircraft were built and it has been in service with nine nations. We are proud to offer the Mirage 2000 as our latest model in the 9 blade 80mm EDF offering. As you've come to expect from Freewing Model, the Mirage 2000 is loaded with scale features and performance componentry. The new 80mm 9-blade EDF with metal housing powered by a powerful 1900kV motor produces nearly 6 pounds of thrust for awesome speed and incredible maneuverability. The sound produced from the 9 blade EDF will simply blow you away. While 5 and 6 blade EDF produce a high pitched whining sound, the 9 blade EDF with metal housing produces the "whoosh" and air crushing sound similar to a gas turbine jet. Additional upgraded features include a 100A Hobbywing ESC, 9g precision servos, and electronic retracts with full metal shock absorbing struts. Own the latest, highly detailed, best built RC foam jet on the market from Freewing - the Mirage 2000.

Wingspan  790mm / 31.10in
Length  1250mm / 49.21in
Flying Weight  2300g / 81.1 oz
Power System  3530-1900KV Brushless Outrnner Motor (not included)
Electronic Speed Control  100A ESC, 5A BEC, EC5 Connector (not included)
Propeller/EDF  80mm Metal EDF with 9 Blade Fan (Outunner Motor version) (not included)
Servos  9g MG Digital Servos (4pcs) (not included)
Landing Gear  CNC Electronic retractable main gear and steerable nose gear with all metal shock absorbing struts (not included)
Wheels  EVA (30/10mm) F3.2mm(2pcs),60/16mm F4.2mm(2pcs)
Required Battery  =6S 4000mAh 35C with EC5 connector
Required Radio  Minimum 6 Channel (required)
Ailerons  Yes
Rudder  Yes
Hinge Type  Nylon hinges
Material  EPO Foam
Skill Level  Advanced
Build Time  1.5 Hours
Recommended Environment  Outdoor

Modelltyp-Finder: Scale Jet
Material: Schaum
Antrieb: Elektro
Ausstattung: ARF
Spannweite: < 99cm
Hersteller: Freewing
LiPo-Zellenzahl: 3s 6s
Impeller-Typ: 80mm
Einziehfahrwerk: eingebaut

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