Freewing B-2 Spirit Bomber EPO 2200mm PNP

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Fly the ultimate RC jet by Freewing! The Freewing B-2 Stealth Spirit Bomber's impressive 2200mm (7.2 foot) wingspan and twin 70mm inrunner EDFs deliver the size, presence, and performance of a world class model aircraft. Featuring accurately functioning "clam shell" drag rudders, a pre-installed gyro stabilization system, full suspension landing gear, scale lighting, and simple assembly, the 1/24 scale Freewing B-2 represents the "unicorn" for many scale RC pilots.

Iconic Design
Sleek and sexy from any angle, the Freewing B-2 captures the stunning presence of its full-size counterpart.

With its 2200mm (86") wingspan standing over 7 feet tall, the Freewing B-2 is a surefire standout at your local flying field.

Simple Assembly
Despite its impressive size, the B-2 quickly disassembles into three sections with only four screws and two ribbon connectors.

Scale Details
Dozens of decals and paint applications of different colors and sheens combine to replicate the complex surface of the full size B-2.

Drag Rudders
The Freewing B-2 features fully functioning "clam shell" drag rudders that operate like the full-size B-2. Molded plastic doors ensure consistent alignment for reliable flight stability.

Inrunner Motors
The Freewing B-2 is powered by our popular 70mm EDF and powerful, efficient 6S inrunner motor system. Cruise efficiently at lower throttle settings for the ultimate "scale bomber" fly by!

Pre-Installed Gyro Stabilization System
The all-new Freewing E52 6 Axis Flight Controller is a gyro-stabilized flight control system that also orchestrates the B-2's complex drag rudder configuration and four moving flap/elevon surfaces. Simply plug in a basic 6 channel receiver; no additional radio programming is needed.

Scale LED Lighting
Freewing's popular "DayBright" LEDs accentuate the B-2's wings and undercarriage. Especially helpful with the B-2's slender silhouette, these LEDs help to visually orient the aircraft at further distances in lower light conditions.
Full Coverage Doors
Achieve optimal aerodynamic efficiency with sequenced, full coverage gear doors. These molded plastic doors are buttressed to maintain their shape against the aircraft's curvature.

Suspension Struts
Articulated aluminum suspension struts absorb the shock of landing. For added scale realism, the rear main struts use four wheels each, and the nose strut uses two wheels.

Spacious Battery Bay
Easily access the single 6S flight battery, receiver, and E52 gyro system within the large battery bay.

Optional Vertical Stabilizer
For additional stability, a clear vertical stabilizer is provided to reduce the in-flight load on the gyro stabilization system. This clear fin, barely visible while airborne, gives extra security especially when flying this scale bomber in non-scale maneuvers such as loops, rolls, aggressive banking, and high energy dives.
    All-New: Pre-installed Freewing E52 gyro-stabilized flight control system
    All-New: Scale drag rudder system
    Twin 70mm EDFs with 6S inrunner motors
    Full suspension aluminum struts and full coverage doors
    Scale LED Lighting
    Plastic-capped intakes, nose cone, wing tips, and beaver tail
    Simple, four-screw disassembly for easy transport
    Spacious battery bay
    Clear vertical stabilizer for enhanced stability

    Freewing B-2 Spirit Bomber Twin 70mm EDF Jet - PNP
    2x 2952-2100Kv Inrunner Brushless Motors (installed)
    2x 70mm 12-Blade EDFs (installed)
    2x 60A ESCs with 8A UBEC (installed)
    7x 9g Digital Hybrid Gear Servos (installed)
    2x 9g Digital Metal Gear Servos (installed)
    Electric Retractable Landing Gear (installed)
    6x LED Lights (installed)
    Clear vertical stabilizer (optional)

    6 Channel radio
    6 Channel receiver
    6 Cell 22.2V 4000 to 6000 mAh LiPo battery with EC5 connector
    6 Cell compatible battery charger

Product Specifications:
AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
Model Scale 1/24 Scale
Wingspan 2200mm / 86.6in
Length 886mm / 34.9in
Weight 3200g / 112.87oz
CG (Center of Gravity) 385mm from the leading edge of the nose (marked on fuselage)
Power System 2x 6S 2952-2100Kv Inrunner Motors (included)
Electronic Speed Control 2x 60A with 8A UBEC (included)
Propeller / EDF 2x 70mm 12-Blade EDF (included)
9g digital metal gear hybrid reverse with 300mm lead : nose gear steering
9g digital metal gear hybrid reverse with 100mm lead : left rear cabin door
9g digital metal gear hybrid with 100mm lead : right rear cabin door
9g digital metal gear hybrid with 200mm lead : left aileron
9g digital metal gear hybrid with 200mm lead : right aileron
9g digital metal gear with 400mm lead : left rudder
9g digital metal gear with 400mm lead : right rudder
9g digital metal gear hybrid with 100mm lead : left elevator
9g digital metal gear hybrid with 100mm lead : right elevator
Landing Gear Electronic retracts with aluminum suspension struts (included)
Required Battery 6S 22.2V 4000-6000mAh LiPo with EC5 Connector (required)
Required Radio 6+ Channel (required)
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps No
Lights Yes
Hinge Type Nylon
Material EPO Foam
Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 1 Hour
Recommended Environment Outdoors

Type: Warbird Jet flying wing
Material: Foam
Powered by: Electro
Equipment: PNP
Spanwidth: > 200cm
Manufacturer: Freewing
For LiPo cells: 3s 6s
EDF-Type: 70mm
Landing gear: included