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up to 1.200W and 5,9kg thrust by 6S Lipo perfect for F3A.

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Poly-Tec C40-65 380 U/min/V
up to 1.200W and 5,9kg thrust by 6S Lipo perfect for F3A

The Poly-Tec C40-65 is a very compactly built outrunner made of aluminum, in a most modern design. With its no-load speed of 380 rev / min / V, he is very well matched to 6S LiPo. Due to its design and its favorable ratio of length to diameter, it generates an enormous torque of up to 1.350 watts and is ideal for turning large propellers with a very high efficiency. The C40-65 is a real powerhorse.

The C40-65 with 380 U / min / V is a drive for a variety of models:

  • motormodels up to 2,8mtr. wingspan
  • F3A models
  • sailplanes uo to 5 mtr. wingspan
  • fast sailplanes up to 3,5mtr.


Examples for models
6S LiPo with foldingprop 18 x 9 

Futana, F3A - Modelle, Discus, Alpina 5001, etc.

The engine is available as finished unit with soldered gold connectors and sockets supplied for the controller.
Technical data
Dimension: Ø 50mm x 65 mm
Weight: 377g
Idle speed: 380 U/min/V
Voltage: 18,5-22,2V / 5-6 LiPos
Current: 12 - 55A
for a short time 60A
shaft diameter: Ø 6,0 mm
Propeller /  Number of cells (diameter in inches)
6S1P 18 x 9 (55A)






Type: Beginner
Material: Foam
Powered by: Electro
Equipment: ARF
Spanwidth: <99cm
Manufacturer: Multiplex
For LiPo cells: 2s

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